Frequently Asked Questions

These are our most frequently asked questions. If you have a specific query that's not listed below, please email us.

Student Support Related Questions

How can I apply for Leave?
The student is required to contact the student support team and get the leave approved. While the course is in session student are not allowed to go on leave unless there is a compassionate or compelling reason. The student needs to ensure that their attendance is at least 80%. More information can be found on attendance policy or handbook in the website.
What if I already bought my tickets?
It is made clear during the orientation that the student should only buy their tickets confirming with the students services and the leave has been approved. Students with poor attendance may not be granted with leave. Student may refer to policy and hand book on our website.
How can I defer the course?
The student can defer the course depending on the circumstances, if it is a compassionate or compelling reason we may be able to grant the deferral request.
Can the course be deferred for another bridging course?
In order to defer the course, there must be a compassionate or compelling reason. Study another bridging course is not a compelling reason, hence deferment is not provide for this reason.
Can I finish my course early?
If student meets all the course requirements early, students can finish early.
Can I change my course?
It is possible to change courses, however students must provide valid reasons before requesting for any changes.
Can I transfer to another delivery location?
It depends on the availability (seats, course) at the other campus.
Can I transfer to another provider?
In this case the student will require to provide copy of the letter of offer from another provider. The processing time to get outcome from the college is around 28 working days. Students should go through the Transfer Between Providers Policy and Procedure policy for more information
How can I change my class?
Student needs to contact the Student Support Officer for any changes. However, as there is different timetables and study plans for each class, students generally cannot change schedules or classes.
How can I request for COE extension?
We encourage students to stick to the timetable and complete the course within the allocated scheduled duration. Extensions are given only on a case to case basis. The student is required to contact the Student Support Officer for any extension.

Admissions Related Questions

What is turn around time for OFFER LETTER AND coes?
Generally, 2-3 business days for each. Some periods of the year we receive a high volume of requests, so we appreciate your patience if the processing timeframe is longer.
How can I see LLN test Results?
Our English Coordinator will respond with the results by email as soon as possible.
Can I pay lower deposit for COE?
The initial deposit is set to this amount for easier and more manageable instalment plans for the student.
When can you make payments for eCOE’s?
Students are welcome to pay the initial deposit once they have met all entry requirements, including any special conditions.
Can student get credit transfer from another provider?
Yes, the student is required to apply for credit transfers at the time of enrolment, there may be a fee applicable for assessing course credits

Accounts Related Questions

When should I pay my dues?
You need to pay due by the deadline date mentioned on the invoice.
Is there any penalty for late payment?
Yes, there are penalties for late payment.
How can I request for extension payment due date?
Students can contact accounts or the student support team to request for fees extension. Payment extensions can be made only based on request and case to case basis.
Is material fees refundable?
Material Fees are nonrefundable fees which student agrees to pay for the course in advance. The material fees are used to occupy resources even if the student decides not continue the course. Hence, material fees are non refundable as it has been used already. If the student decides to change the course they will still be liable to pay for material fees for new course again.


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