COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Find the latest updates on the COVID-19 situation for applicants, students and staff

The health and wellbeing of our students, staff and visitors is our priority, and this has been one of our focuses throughout 2020.

At SCCM, we follow the NSW Health and the government's guidelines for handling COVID-19. We encourage all students, staff and visitors to keep abreast of the latest news about COVID-19 on

Do you have questions about how COVID-19 could affect you and your studies? See our answers below.
1. As now I can study online does that mean I can work fulltime?

No, but the government have uplifted some conditions from an international student working in a different industry, please visit for the latest information.

2. What about my visa extension and course completion?

Even though the course is taught online for temporary time course completion is very important and you must submit your assessments online as per due dates. For your visa please visit Department of Home Affairs has published news concerning student visas.

3. How do I access the online sessions?

Our support staff is working hard to ensure you have all the information ready by the 6th of April 2020. At this stage, the student is recommended to keep an eye on their emails. Also, we recommend you to download Microsoft team on your PC, Laptop or mobile. Your login details will be sent to your private email. Student of SCCM login will be ( and a temporary password will be sent to your email. If you do not receive these by 7th April please contact

4. What about the campus, will it be open?

In consideration of the safety of students and staff, we have tried to keep physical contact minimum as possible. Campus services will be open for student support purposes and for those students who have difficulty studying online.

5. What if I cannot access wifi for the class time?

Make sure you inform this to, however, we have ensured that each class session will be recorded and will be available any time for students.

6. Are counseling and Student services still available?

Yes, student services will be available to the student as normal, but as we are avoiding as much as possible physical contact these services differed from case to case.

7. Is the Moodle platform is the only thing we have to engage?

No, you will have to participate in online live sessions conducted by the SCCM training co-ordinator and trainers. You will receive your course sessions on your email one week before the start of the class.

8. Are the classes still 20 hours? And how this is monitored?

Yes, but instead of the physical presence, you must engage in an online learning platform for 20 hours. Moodle and Team will monitor your attendance as you go and engage in the course online. Our student support will monitor online attendance via an online attendance recorder and will get in touch with the student.

9. Are assessments still due on the dates listed on Moodle?

Yes, all of the assessment’s are due as listed dates on Moodle, if you cannot meet the deadline you shall contact the training co-ordinator immediately.

10. Now that we have moved to online, does the timetable stay the same?

Yes, but again it will be more flexible than face to face. Online classes are designed to suit all the student in the same group courses.

11. Do we still need to continue to study and how?

Yes, as per the department of education, we are required to continue training and assessment services. Concerning the safety of staff and students, we have moved courses online via moodle learning platform and online session via Microsoft team.

If your question is not answered above. Please send us a query and we will answer it in the next 24 hours. ( forward the email to


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