Macleay College

SCCM has partnered with Macleay College to provide you with the unique opportunity to gain a Higher Education qualification in your chosen field. Students can receive packaged offers and COEs from both institutions, allowing students to save time and money.

With your current studies nearing an end, you can now apply for direct entry into the second year of our industry-focused bachelor degree courses.

Macleay’s courses are all taught by real industry professionals. Choose from:

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Start your career from day one
  • Receive credit for your current studies
  • Flexible Timetable Options
  • 3 day a week timetable
  • 12 hours full-time study time per week
  • Project-based learning
  • Up to 184 hours of Industry Internships
How to apply for package programs

Step 1

Complete Sccm online application form

Step 2

Receive Sccm letter of offer

Step 3

Send Macleay application along Sccm letter of offer to Macleay

Step 4

Receive Macleay's conditional letter of offer

Step 5

Meet Conditions

Step 6

Receive Macleay's unconditional letter of offer

Step 7

Pay initial deposit of SCCM and initial deposit of Macleay

Step 8

Receive eCoe from both providers

Step 9

Apply for student visa on subclass 500 (Macleay eCoe – principal course)

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