Message from the PEO

With pride and pleasure, I welcome you to Sydney City College of Management. Your decision to join this Institute is an excellent choice in which you will gain immense satisfaction. As a student, you are expected to apply yourself to the Institute’s regulations, your studies and behave professionally at all times.

With this approach, you can expect from the Institute’s strong support and efficient services. We can assure you will have the finest of opportunities to achieve your highest academic goals.

Our aim is to provide high-quality industry-based training courses for current and potential employees in the Information Technology, Telecommunications Engineering, Accounting, Human Resource, Business, Commercial Cookery, Hospitality, Project Management Leadership and Management sectors. On behalf of all the staff at Sydney City College of Management, I wish you success in all your studies.

I hope your studies will be challenging but, all the while, enjoyable.

Ranju Thapa

Principle Executive Officer

6 reasons to study at SCCM

Ready to discover all that SCCM has to offer? SCCM focused on a unique learning environment, richly diverse community, and academic rigor, it ensures all students are guided correctly towards their chosen path.

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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our vision is to build trust, integrity, transparency, passion for quality & excellence, best practice, professionalism, responsible marketing, and simple communication.

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Four ideal locations

Enjoy a true experience in Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Darwin and Adelaide.


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