Australian Homestay Network(AHN)

Dear Students and Parents,

Please know that AHN have received an increase in under 18 students requiring homestay for our college.

Due to the increase, AHN have located new homestay hosts for this area and have conducted training and gone through the interview process with the new homestay families.

We have noticed that many under 18 students coming through who homestay hosts are expecting to host until they turn 18, however, it does seem that some students are coming with the plan that they will stay in homestay for 4-8 weeks and then move into a parent nominated home.

We would like to ask that if a student is expecting to move in with a relative/family friend that this is disclosed to AHN upon the initial application so we are able to inform our homestay hosts of this. In addition, If student are moving to their parent after 4-8 week stay with AHN, prior turning 18, student must be aware of their visa obligation. Student must inform Department Of Home Affairs about this changes with in required time frame including the provider.

Please visit for more details.

This will ensure that hosts are aware of the approximate time frame of the students stay prior to accepting the student.

Ranju Thapa

Principle Executive Officer

Sydney City College Of Management